Auto theft is the number one property crime in the United States. Auto theft cost consumers over $7.5 billion last year alone. More than 40% of Americans have an anti-theft device.

Will the Autolock fit my Vehicle?

  • The Original Autolock #1440, The Autolock Pro #1640, and the Autolock X #1740 will only fit vehicles with a brake pedal width of 3/4 inch or narrower (most vehicles).
  • If your Vehicle's brake pedal is greater than 3/4 inch wide, Then the Original Autolock #1440, The Autolock Pro #1640, and the Autolock X #1740 WILL NOT FIT.***

Do you make a wider Autolock that will work on my vehicle?

  • Research and development is working hard to reintroduce the Autolock Wide #1660 to fit the increasing number of vehicles now being manufactured with wider brake pedal "arms". THIS MODEL IS NOT IN PRODUCTION AT THIS TIME BUT WILL BE COMING SOON!! ( SLATED FOR LATE)

Where can I buy Unbreakable Unlimited Company products?

  • Many Unbreakable Unlimited Company products are available in retail stores, such as Advance Auto, AutoBarn, AutoZone, Pep Boys, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts, Schucks, Kragen, Strauss Discount Auto, Murray's Discount Auto, and GI Joe's. Our products and accessories are also available from our online store. Please click on "store" in the upper left hand corner of this page.

How can I get a Free Unbreakable Unlimited Company America Baseball Cap?

  • While supplies last, Unbreakable Unlimited Company is currently offering purchasers of the AUTOLOCK PRO and the AUTOLOCK X a FREE beautiful Unbreakable America baseball cap with the American Flag proudly displayed. This offer is for one FREE cap per order. Additional Unbreakable Unlimited Company America Baseball Caps and matching T-Shirts are also available from our shopping cart for $19.95 plus S&H.

If I buy more than one AUTOLOCK can I get a discount?

  • Unbreakable Unlimited Company is offering all its customers an opportunity to buy the first Autolock PRO or Autolock X for $59.95 and then get as as many additional AUTOLOCK PRO or AUTOLOCK X products they want for $39.95 + S&H. Sorry this offer is per order and does not apply to previous purchases.

I need a new Steering Wheel Cover and/or Window Decal. How can I get a replacement?

  • Replacement Unbreakable Steering Wheel Covers (#SWC9) and decals are now available from our web site shopping cart (3rd item from the bottom of the list) for only $9.95 Shipping on this item is FREE!!

Are additional keys available?

  • Many Unbreakable Unlimited Company products, such as the AutoLock PRO, use a 7-pin rotary key also known as a 'barrel' key. This lock is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate, even by the most experienced locksmiths. The flat or "cava" key is laser encrypted and purposely not able to be duplicated for even greater security. That's why our product comes with three keys instead of two. We give you two spare keys up front at the time of purchase. This ensures that you, as the owner of your lock, have access to the only keys available for it.

    Unbreakable Unlimited Company is not able to make duplicate keys or send additional keys or blanks out to customers.

What should I do if my key won't turn or the Autolock becomes stuck on my vehicle?

  • In the unlikely event that your Autolock has been over tightened, and is now difficult to remove, Please spray the Autolock's moving parts and key hole thoroughly with a spray lubricant similar to WD-40. Then push down on the Autolock foot peg with your right foot, while lifting up on the Autolock’s handle with your left hand and turning the key with your right hand. This should release the pressure on the locking mechanism’s internal pin, and the Autolock should release freely! REMEMBER - DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE AUTOLOCK!!

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